Mad Micas Colors arrived today … plus I went shopping.

Mad Micas Colors arrived today … plus I went shopping.

Oh, my word.

Today I stepped into an art store for the first time in three years. The smell of paint, paper, glue, brushes, and so much more reminded me of all the crafts and art I’ve done in the past six decades. 

So a little about us as we start this journey with Soaps for Good.

My husband, Mike, is a retired chef with a culinary arts degree and a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. He is a painter, installation artist, and a fantastic chef who knows how to combine scents, colors, flavors, and textures into amazing food and amazing art. We’ll be sharing his work as we move forward. 

I’m a recovery high-tech executive who spent much of my career traveling and building out new businesses units. I scrapbook, write,

St Johns Bridge

While old enough we’re not ready for retirement and want to do something we love that also supports our local community. Soaps for Good was born under an afternoon sky with outdoor heaters and cocktails in our hands.

Today our first supplies have arrived.

Mad Micas delivered. We ordered two of the sample packs and drooled at the colors; they are truly amazing. Mike and I haven’t taken them out of their bags today but we’re playing around with colors for the branding/logo, and our first batch of soap.

Mad Mica colors for Soaps for Good

So far, we like orange, yellow, steel, and teal. I think I want the brand to go toward the ocean and the desert. Sort of a combo of the places I love.

We chose Mad Micas not just for the rave reviews they get about their colors, but for their ethical standards on child labor and safe working conditions.

From their FAQ:

So we pre-screen all of our manufacturers and suppliers, and require declarations stating there are no children employed (monetarily or otherwise) by the company or any sub-contractors of that company. Further, we require declarations of safe and healthy working environments for their employees.

I also headed to a local art store and bought some palm-free melt and pour, one mold, and a steel cutter. I’m so freaking excited to create sustainable, zero-waste (as best we can) soaps that help our community. 

Our stainless steel table arrived today, too, and Mike put that together. Our hands and minds are chafing at the bit, waiting for all the supplies to come together: scale, pipettes, fun molds, inventory software and so forth. Our first soaps will be for the friends and family brigade because we trust them to be brutally honest. You can sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to be on the friends and family brigade test team.

We are committed to palm-free, vegan soaps using as many locally sourced ingredients as we can. Right now we are working with a very experienced soap maker to create custom cold-process soaps using Oregon Hemp Seed Oil, Oregon Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Oregon Hops, Oregon Lavender, and Cranberry Seeds. We’ll also be using Klamath Falls Blue Green Algae. 

Our goals is that every soap we make will include at least one ingredient from the local farmers and growers. All soaps will support community organizations from the food bank to the Alzheimer’s foundation and everything in between. Our customers will choose the non-profits, and we will donate a % from every sale.

So … soap trial and error begins on Monday. We’ll post a link to our YouTube and FB communities so you can watch and participate with us. 



Val & Mike & Eva, our Mascot

Eva from Soaps for Good

Soaps for Good

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