When Mike and I decided to create Soaps for Good, we wanted to build something that would do more for others than for ourselves. We wanted to bring together consumers with local growers and nonprofits who would support the same causes we believe in.

Every Bar of soap we sell supports a particular nonprofit or issue. Sales from our website generate one dollar per Bar for the cause they support.  

The chosen nonprofits have some personal connection to us, our families, or to causes we care about.

Alzheimer's Bar

funds research and advocacy with donations to the Oregon and Southwest Washington Chapter of the Alzheimer's Foundation. This is in tandem with a special event for the Laredo Walk to End Alzheimer's that we participate in, because of a personal connection. Recent research is producing new drugs that promise tangible results. A cure is possible if we pull together. Learn more about this debilitating and heartbreaking disease.

Annie's Bar

is named after a beloved family friend, Annie, who died in 2020. Known for tie-dying everything, cooking big meals so everyone could eat their fill, and always having room for one more. Annie's fight with ovarian cancer (and other cancer, too) ended, but our commitment to finding a cure did not. Every tie-dyed Bar of soap is for Annie, and funds from sales will support the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, Washington, where she was treated with dignity, compassion, and excellent medical care. Learn more about Fred Hutch.

Good Dog Bar

support Indigo Rescue. Our own dogs have all been rescue dogs, and our current one, Eva, has played with dogs Indigo has rescued and currently foster. Eva also likes that Indigo has rescued and shelters a one-eyed horse, goats, ducks, and other animals on their ranch. They work to find "forever homes" for dogs that are hard to adopt. Learn about Indigo Rescue and see if a new pet is in your future.

funds research and advocacy for Multiple Sclerosis in Oregon. We have several close friends who suffer from this painful, debilitating, silent, and progressive disease; finding ways to ease pain and support families is as important as finding a cure. Learn more about the National MS Society and the work they do for Oregonians who suffer from MS.

Ukrainian Sunflower Bar

combines the sunflower, a Ukrainian symbol, and the colors of the Ukrainian flag to bring attention to the millions of people harmed in Russia's war on Ukraine. Sales fund World Central Kitchen's efforts to feed refugees fleeing Ukraine in neighboring countries and to feed Ukrainians left in the country under a cloud of war. Mike and I met thirty-five years ago while working in food service. He was a chef, and I was a floor manager.

We believe in the power of a warm meal. Like Mike and I (and our dear friend Annie), WCK believes food is a universal right. While preparing and serving food, WCK trains local people in cooking skills, buys from local growers, and partners with local chefs and restaurants. Learn more.

Confetti Bar

are one of our favorites to make because they are always different. Sales support the local food bank, St. Johns Food Share, here in North Portland, Oregon. Serving the community with reliable food sources, including produce from local growers and farmers that would otherwise end up rotting in the landfill.

They are committed to reducing waste, and in keeping with that mission, Confetti Bars use soap scraps and 'mistakes' to create good, clean, and fun Bars. We also donate Confetti Bars directly to the Food Share, so anyone can get good soap.

Juanita Bar

are named for Val's mother, who died in 2010 at 88. She was a quiet, strong, and kind woman who put books in Val and her sister's hands before they could crawl. Juanita Bars support children's literacy and access to books through the Children's Book Bank here in Portland, Oregon. The Children's Book Bank connects children with culturally diverse books that ignite curiosity, spark imagination, and open minds. Mike and Val are voracious readers, and they thank their parents for the gift of literacy.

Rainbow Bar

generate money for The Trevor Project, which works to prevent suicide in LGBTQ+ kids. Mike and Val have family and friends who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and we have lost loved ones to suicide. We understand the loss and grief that follows. We believe everyone deserves support, compassion, and acceptance. Connection, compassion, and kindness go a long way to stopping depression, pain, and suicide. Help us by supporting youth who need advocates and who need to know they are not alone. Learn more at The Trevor Project.


We created an entire collection of soaps dedicated to the Newport, Oregon-based Ocean Blue Project. Ocean Blue is an organization with fantastic values and a huge mission to clean up oceans, rivers, and wetlands. In addition to working at the end of the plastic and trash lifecycle, Ocean Blue also partners with other organizations, companies, and schools to find upstream solutions and bridge communities together over clean water. Founded in 2012 by a father and son from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. We encourage you to visit their website and learn about this bold organization and its massive impact on our world. Ocean Blue Project

Water Bar Collection:

Sand Dollars
Duck, Duck, Duck.
Laughing Turtle
Bale of Turtles (collection of 7)


Mike and Val love food and have their own organic garden where neighbors and friends can harvest as they want or need. Mike's homemade quince liqueur is a particularly favored addition to the table. 

Good, nutritious food is a requirement for healthy people and economic and social equity. Good soil and seeds are needed to get and keep farms, orchards, ranches, and home gardeners healthy. 

Soaps for Good's collection of Sustainable Farming Bars support the work of Cultivate Oregon, a woman-led Earth Island Institute nonprofit project. They focus on building local seed and food resiliency and offer education on regenerative agriculture. Cultivate Oregon is part of the Oregon Community Food Systems Network, a collaboration of 53 nonprofits and allies dedicated to strengthening local and regional food systems.

Sustainable Farming Bar Collection:

Barn Chore
Citrus Twist
Gardener's Bar
Morning, Sunshine


Mike and Val grew up camping, sailing, hiking, climbing, and for Val, rock hounding. The outdoors was and is where we spend time with friends and family. Snorkeling, nature walks, bird watching, and kayaking are how we spend time in nature today. 

We believe Climate Change is an existential threat to our planet and all humanity. For us, that means we need to keep our trees and forest thriving. 

Wildfires ravage forests and rural communities in the Pacific Northwest every year. Since 2000, Oregon has lost 522,00 acres of forest cover.* That's six times the size of Portland. Every Bar sold in our Climate Change Collection supports One Tree Planted's work to reforest in Oregon, Idaho, and in our National Forests around the country. 

Planting trees combat climate change, restores America's iconic biodiversity, reforests public lands for community enrichment, and preserves landscapes with historical and cultural values (especially important to Val who is also in a master's program on public history) *as of 2022.

Climate Change Bars Collection:

Celebrate Oregon
Northwest Forest
Hemp and Hops


Sisters of the Road Is located in Portland’s Old Town/China Town area. They are working to end homelessness and poverty, while practicing an ‘all are welcome’ philosophy. Through their cafe people who need food can work to earn vouchers for meals or produce through local farmer’s markets. Their philosophy of non-violence and gentle personalism seeks to end the isolation of poverty and homelessness. Their advocacy and education work seeks to find long-term solutions to end poverty, hunger, and homelessness.

Social Justice Bars Collection

Bluebirds of Happiness
Flower Power
Rose City Roses


We make limited-edition Bars to support the causes and organizations our customers recommend. 

Let us know of a nonprofit you'd like to create a fundraiser around or that you'd like us to support with a limited edition Bar.